Baby Breath Flowers Delivery to Malaysia

  • Violetta
    A Hand Bouquet of 1 Purple Rose, 2 Pink Roses, 1 Teddy Bear and Baby Breath Filler
    MYR 100
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  • Jeannette
    A Purple Hand Bouquet of 2 Purple Roses, 3 Pink Rose with some Baby Breath
    MYR 127
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  • High Score
    Rainbow Baby Breath with Bear in Bouquet
    MYR 135
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  • Isla
    A Gorgeous Hand Bouquet of 10 Vibrant Gerberas & Fillers
    MYR 140
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  • Heart Indulge
    Blossoms Colours of Flowers: Red, White Type of Flowers: White Roses, Red Roses No. of Stalks: Total 8 Stalks of Mixed Red and White Roses Fillers: Baby Breath, Greenies Arrangement is not rounded, and only one side
    MYR 164
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  • Cherry Lips
    Pretty Bouquet with 6 Pink Roses, 6 Purple Roses, Baby Breath Fillers
    MYR 173
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  • Ocean Dream
    Arrangement of Blue Spray Baby Breath in a Bouquet.
    MYR 173
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  • Baby Gold
    Arrangement of Gold Spray Baby Breath in a Bouquet.
    MYR 173
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  • Fresh Meadows
    A Mix Flower Basket consisting of 5 White Roses and 5 Gompies
    MYR 176
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  • Jacqueline
    A Beautiful Bouquet of 10 Red Roses & Baby Breath Fillers Around Them
    MYR 178
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  • Wonderland Bundle
    A Bundle of Small Bouquet of Pink Rose and Baby Breath, Teddy Bear, and Ferrero Rocher (5pcs)
    MYR 182
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  • Aria
    A Mixed Roses Bouquet of Pink & Red Roses with Fillers
    MYR 185
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  • Graceful Love
    An Alluring Hand Bouquet Consists of 10 Red Roses, Fillers, and a Teddy Bear in the middle of the arrangement.
    MYR 187
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  • Loveblast
    Mixed Hand Bouquet of 5 Pink Roses, 5 Red Roses, 5 White Gompies and Baby Breath Fillers
    MYR 191
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  • Spring Brightness
    Blossoms Colour of Flowers: Yellow Type of Flowers: Lilies Fillers: Greenies, Baby Breath No. of Flowers: 8 (5 Blossoms, 3 Buds)
    MYR 196
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