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Bouquet of Lily Flower Malaysia

Royalty, salvation, and innocence are symbolised by the beautiful lily. They come in lovely shades of yellow, pink, white and orange that are ideal as a gift to your loved ones. On special occasions, select from the wide range of lilies bouquet and arrangements available on our website for your beloved ones.

  • Spring Brightness
    Blossoms Colour of Flowers: Yellow Type of Flowers: Lilies Fillers: Greenies, Baby Breath No. of Flowers: 8 (5 Blossoms, 3 Buds)
    MYR 196
  • Surprising Wilderness
    Hand Bouquet of 3 Peach Roses, 3 Red Roses, 2 Bloom Lilies, and Fillers.
    MYR 205
  • Wintry Whites
    A pure arrangement of 1 Bloom Lily, 1 Bud Lily, 5 Pink Carnations, 6 White Roses and Baby Breath in a beautiful hand bouquet.
    MYR 218
  • River of Grace
    A bouquet consists of 2 White Lilies, 5 Yellow Gerbera, 10 Orange Roses and fillers.
    MYR 217
    MYR 236
  • Appreciated
    A Mix of 10 Pink, 2 White Lilies and 10 Karina (Seasonal Colour. This colour will be replaced with another colour if it's not in season) Roses in a Hand-Bouquet with Fillers.
    MYR 247
  • Glassy Purity
    5 Lily with 8 Red Roses Long Wrapping Handbouquet
    MYR 273
  • On The Ground
    A bouquet of 4 Pink Gerbera, 6 Red Roses, 6 White Roses, 8 Peach Roses and 2 Bloom White Lilies, along with fillers.
    MYR 236
    MYR 278
  • Gifts Of Love
    A Hand Bouquet Made With Love, For Love, Consisting of 6 Bloom Pink Lilies, 3 Bud Lilies, 10 Candy Pink Roses, 10 Sweet Avalanche Pink Roses, and 10 White Roses, Fillers
    MYR 282
  • Stargazing Lights
    20 White Roses with 2 Bloom Yellow Lilies arranged beautifully and accompanied by some baby breath fillers.
    MYR 285
  • Amel
    A Mix of 5 Sweet Pink Roses, 7 Pink Gerberas, 2 Bloom Lilies and Fillers in a Vase. Please choose your preferred variants: White Lilies / Pink Lilies
    MYR 296
  • Rosegal
    20 Red Roses wrapped together with 3 White Lilies in a hand bouquet, with some baby breath fillers
    MYR 296
  • Always There
    A Bouquet of 8 White Lilies.
    MYR 233
  • Thinking About Us
    Mixed Hand Bouquet of 16 Pink Roses and Lilies, with Baby Breath Fillers. Note: Soft pink roses may be replaced with Pink Avalanche roses with natural green edges on petals, which is a unique and beautiful characteristic of these flowers.
    MYR 302
  • Stay Gold
    4 Bloom White Lilies, 10 Sweet Pink Roses and greens in a Vase.
    MYR 305
  • Missing Daisy
    Fusion of3 Lilies, 6 Holland Daisies and Eucaplytus to make her day.
    MYR 264
    MYR 310

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